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The formatting issue with the T31 Kneeboard Format has been resolved. Thank you for calling this to our attention.


This was added to our development list and is scheduled to be reviewed and fixed by the end of next week.


The AOPA Flight Planner gets it's TFRs directly from the FAA TFR system. So as soon as the FAA enters them into their database and, has included shape data, they will appear in the flight planner. There is no system in between the flight planner and the FAA so there isn't anything to update in order to have the TFRs display.

Pending TFRs are displayed in Orange while active TFRs are displayed in Red.

In the upper right corner of the Wind Optimizer there is a slider button to view the Altitude Per-Leg Details view. The details view will show specific values for each leg of the route including details on any hazards within each leg.

See red arrow in screenshot below:

The AOPA Flight Planner is primarily a US-only planner. We are limited to only the airport data provided by the FAA. 


This is something we are currently discussing with our fuel price provider. We are also looking at other sources where we can at least obtain airport locations, even if they do not track pricing. No date yet as to when we will have this ability in the flight planner and airport directory but it is in active investigation.

Unfortunately, this is not a feature we will be able to provide in the AOPA Flight Planner for the foreseeable future. The back-end flight planning engine that the flight planner uses was simply not designed to handle fuel stops. Our development team tried various work-arounds and while we were able to get it working in a very controlled environment, it didn't meet our expectations and requirements for a production-quality feature so we have moved this off of our development roadmap.

The recommended procedure in the flight planner is to create multiple routes based on selected fuel stops.


I spoke to the airport manager at DMW and the traffic pattern altitudes at Carroll County Regional are correct as listed in the AOPA Airport Directory. This is also what the FAA has in their official data set (eNASR) where the information in our directory comes from. The website you may be referring to is a rouge website that is not controlled by the airport. Someone created this website a long time ago and does not maintain it so the information listed on it is not correct.. The official website for Carrol County Regional Airport is:

The official TPAs for DMW are:

Fixed Wing: 810 Ft. (AGL)

Turbo Prop & Jet: 1310 Ft. (AGL)