Low Use / Private Airports - Searching, Departure or Destination

A common question about the flight planner is regarding searching or planning a flight to/from a private or low use airport.

By default, low use and private airports are not included in the search options or when planning a new route. This is intentional to reduce the number of possible search results when searching by name or city. However, as long as the airport is listed in the FAA database, then it will be accessible in the AOPA Flight Planner. See below for instructions on including these airports:

New Routes:

When using the New Route creation window (Route menu / New), uncheck the "Public use airports only" checkbox at the top of the window. This will allow private and low use airports to be included as a departure or destination airport

Search Box:

If you want to search for a low use or private airports using the search box in the upper right part of the screen, you must enable the Low Use Airports search option. To do this, click on the small down arrow that is to the right of the Go button next to the search entry box. From the search option menu, select "Low Use Airports" from the list. The option is selected if it has a white outline around the icon. This option will stay selected and future searches will now include low use and private airports. Note: Search results will be larger with this option selected which may requiring scrolling through a long list of results. Unchecking the option will restore the search functionality to the default method.

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