Airport Search Improvements

Matthew H 2 years ago 0

Thanks for taking a second to read my feedback.  I was trying to use the new Airport Directory map interface for the first time, and here are some thoughts:

  1. In my opinion, the Airport Amenities menu items should be inclusive and not exclusive.  For example, I think that if I select Paved Runway and Grass Strip there should at least be the option to include airports that have one or the other, not requiring it to have both.  Maybe a little toggle box for "and/or."
  2. If I have nothing selected in the Airport Amenities menu, in my opinion it should default to showing all airports, not no airports.  Usually when I first pull up a map of the area, I just want to see everything that's available.
  3. I see no option for private airports.  This may be by design, but I enjoy finding private strips, especially in remote areas I want to visit, and I always get permission, and the internet is a huge life saver in this department as you can often find that info, and would be good to have it here.