The maximum initial search area is at the State level. In the search box, begin typing the name of the State and you will see the State name appear at the bottom of the type-ahead search results that are displayed automatically as you type. Select the State name and this will be the area that your search will be within.

In the example below, I selected "Colorado" as the state and enabled Public Use, Camping on Field and Minimum Runway of 3,000'. The results are then displayed on the map and in detail cards in the list on the left.

Initial Search Parameters:

Matching Search Results:


This may not be a bug, but it I could be improved.  Having to enter each location to see if there is camping is awkward and time consuming.  Please add the option to search for camping by a region or the entire USA. Then the map view would be a big improvement so we could see all of our options on a single map, rather than having to enter 50 searches to get 50 different maps.


We will see if we can improve the search performance in a future build so searching beyond a State is possible. Conducting a nation-wide search currently causes a substantial performance hit so we have constrained it to individual states.

Thanks Eric!  With the old interface, I would get this information by searching for "Camping on Field" which would bring up a list that could be sorted by state.  This worked, but having a map view is much better.  A search area of 300 -400 nm radius, for example, would allow someone to plan while minimizing searches and hopefully not be too resource intensive.  I look forward to seeing your next build!

In general, searches are too constrained when doing a long cross country flight and trying to find fields with specific properties.  I'm trying to plan from NH to UT while avoiding pavement, finding fuel, food and camping or lodging.  Airports that fit this criteria are few and far between.  I am using the server resources, but having a hard time getting the information needed.  My route may vary considerably, 100's of miles, depending on where I can find the desired resources.

Broken: Looking for airports with "camping on field" filter in state "California USA" does not find any.  There are several (e.g. L05)captcha


If you are aware of airports that provide camping on field, you can submit the identifiers to us via email at: or, ask the airport manager to update their directory listing on our site and add Camping on Field as an available activity.