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Jane R 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 4

Airport information is strung down a narrow column.  Previous format had it more concisely arranged on the page, you could scan around quickly to see what you need.  No improvement here at all, only negatives IMO

Under review

Could you tell me what type of device or computer you are using?

We have not completed the mobile optimization of the new site yet but that is what we are working on now. So it is best used on a desktop/laptop for now which should display multiple columns. The presentation will be better once the mobile optimization is completed.

I am using a laptop.


Ok, thank you for that information. You should be seeing up to 3 columns for certain sections. Not all sections will be shown side-by-side though since that does not fit into mobile design methods. The entire site is designed using "responsive" page style which allows the individual modules  to adjust size or move around in order to fit on smaller screens.

This design style, while necessary in this day and age, can create longer pages when there is a lot of information on a page (like the airport directory). This is the primary reason we created the sticky nav bar that is always visible at the top of the page. This reduces the amount of scrolling by allowing you to "jump" from one section to another, sort of like bookmarks.

Thank you for this information.  I'll keep working with it.