Change home aiport

David S 3 months ago updated by Eric.Rush (Project Lead) 3 months ago 3

First thing I want to do is change home airport.

Where are the settings?


After leaving the site and logging back in, my home airport was removed from the previous session.

While I in the session, I can't change home airports.

Seems you have to start a new session to change home airports..  

Please advise.


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You can set Home and Favorite airports by using the associated icons on a METAR tile. First, use the airport Search to find your home airport by identifier. Once you have the METAR tile displayed for the airport, there are two icons that you can click to either set one as Home or add it as a Favorite. I have included a screenshot below that shows the Home and Favorite icons.

A few notes about this:

Since this is a weather app, only airports that have a weather reporting station will be searchable. If your home airport does not have a weather reporting station, you can still set a home airport by using our Airport Directory (https://www.aopa.org/destinations). Once set in the airport directory, the new weather site will use that as your home and display nearby weather reporting stations when you select "Home" in the METAR and TAF section.

Thank you.. working fine now.

If you change your home airport, you can just refresh the app using F5 or the refresh button in your browser which will then update the location the current session is using with your new home airport. It should not be necessary to close the browser and start a new session.