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map size too small

Lloyd W 3 months ago updated 3 months ago 5

"Local" map only 1/4 size so can't use.  Changing to this very poorly thought out.

Under review


Could you expand on what you mean by "local map only 1/4 size"? The map consumes of 3/4 of the available display area and there is not a fixed setting for a local map so I am not sure what you might be seeing. If you can attach a screenshot, that may help me understand as well.

Thank you for your feedback.

A lousy replacement. Why are we doing this? The NOAA Prog Chart was wonderful, as were all the other graphic maps.

The intent is to have as many of the previous charts that the current weather site provided. Some of those charts are being discontinued by the source providers and the underlying technology that the old weather platform was built on is being retired since it is obsolete and no longer supported.

We appreciate feedback so we can work on providing the same or more weather content than what the current platform was able to offer.

Radar gives an "i" button to see color legend.  Need to put the same time of legend for wind speed colors.

Same for forecasts.  Need legend to see what the airmets colors mean.