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Disappointing so little review time to tune the interface

R D 3 months ago updated 3 months ago 2

Good UX Design requires a good period of feedback and interaction. This interface needs work, but seems you've already committed to it. It shows promise, but needs work to make it fun and useful.

Under review


Thank you for submitting feedback but could you be a little more specific? The system is in public beta for the first time but has been in an internal beta for over a month. We will be making rapid changes to the system over the remainder of the year and beyond so we do anticipate many changes based on actionable feedback. If you have specific recommendations, we would love to hear them so we can try to incorporate them.

Thanks again and we look forward to hearing specific detail so we can add them to our existing list of improvements.

Thanks for quick response. My point was that it's just now in Beta and the old site says it gets replaced in two weeks. That's a short timeframe. But, i have confidence in you all!

I do UX, so I sympathize anytime you replace a product people are used to.

My first impressions are these, in case they are helpful.

- Controls on left are hard to select (already captured by other comments)

- I wish slider controls for maps were on the right or bottom of charts so that my hand is not in the way while I slide back and forth. The old vertical controls, like on the Prog Charts (Surface Forecast) worked well.

- I like seeing forecast winds on the new interface, but perplexed why the short term and long term ones are on different screens, NOAA AWS have them in once display.