surface forecasts less useful than prog charts

Solomon K 3 months ago updated by Eric.Rush (Project Lead) 3 months ago 3

Under forecasts/surface forecasts, and NOAA/surface forecasts

Neither of these has all the information in a unified that was easily available on the old Prog charts

a) can see either fronts or VFR/IFR, not both at the same time

b) time slider is much less useful than the old version that indicated hours and/or days in the future, it also has fewer time points

Right! NOAA prog charts go out 7 days. Very useful. Will have to find a different source for weather without those. They are my main long term planner.

Under review

Thank you for pointing this out. We should be able to include all the way out to 7 days like the old system had. Our intent is to have as many of the same charts that the old platform had but some are (and have been) discontinued by the source providers so we may not be able to retain them all in their current format.

We appreciate the feedback as we continue to  work on the new weather platform.