airmet forecasts missing options, no legend

Solomon K 3 months ago updated by James H 3 months ago 3

Under Forecasts/Airmet there are choices missing that are in the NOAA Graphical Airmet website.

There is no legend for the color coding


Thank you for your feedback.

We will be adding the G-AIRMETs to the list of NOAA charts.

Would be easier to use if I can click on a new option and the old one is turned off. As it is, I first must unclick the current option, which is tedious. 

Why not click on the option itself instead of the switch? 

Would be nice if the sliders had some information. So if I want to go to something like 2 days ahead, I know where to put the slider or click.

The surface forecast was not working.

Where are the forecasts for VFR, MVFR, IFR and so on?

+1 on just clicking on the option itself rather than using the slider.