too much clicking required

Solomon K 3 months ago updated by Eric.Rush (Project Lead) 3 months ago 1

In the left (control/dashboard) panel,

you need to click OFF one selection before clicking ON another selection.

If only one is available at a time, these should be radio buttons.

If more than one is available at a time, they should be selection boxes.

The ON/OFF sliders are not appropriate

In the time slider for some entries, it seems necessary to click to change the time.

This should be a rollover, without clicking required, since there are only discrete time points available.



Thank you for feedback. We are already working on controls that will allow new overlays to be turned on without having to turn active overlays off. This is more complicated that we first anticipated due to varying parameters that need passed in each call so we were not able to include this functionality prior to the beta release.

The app was developed using mobile-first design methods so the time sliders need to be controllable with touch-screen gestures. That is the primary reason that they are designed the way they are rather than a mouse-over action.

Thanks again for your feedback. We anticipate making rapid changes based on actionable feedback for the remainder of the year and beyond as the new weather platform evolves.