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flighr planner

Peter T 4 weeks ago 0

WHY is the LINK to the FLIGHT PLANNNER so obscure!!!

it takes a real effort to find the thing??


Add business

Brian A 2 months ago 0

I want to add my Charter company to the AOPA airport directory. I used to have it on there but it seems to have disappeared. Thanks! 


KCNO- Restaurants

Sean C 4 months ago 0

Please add Flo's Airport Cafe to the restaurant info for KCNO. Website = https://www.floscafes.com/  THE classic airport Cafe....


KCRG - Craig Airport in Jacksonville

Brian W 4 months ago updated 4 months ago 1

The link to the Craig airport website on your page is currently www.flyjackxex.com.  That is an error.. the website does not exist.  It should be http://www.flyjaxex.com which automatically redirects you to www.flyjacksonville.com/Home.aspx?sMP=JAXEX.


Private grass strips

Tom D 4 months ago 0

is there a way to search for, or add private grass strips that are not on the sectionals or registered with FAA?


KUUU - Newport - Additional Remarks

Graeme S 4 months ago 0

Source RI Air National Guard 143rd Airlift Wing briefing to local pilots 2/28/20

Intense military training by C-130's operating at between 400ft and 1000ft MSL is conducted just to the west of KUUU - Newport with C-130's - Call Signs 'RHODY' - flying north and south in the bay before turning into KOQU - Quonset just to the west of KUUU - Newport.  Check NOTAMS for KOQU for times of exercises.  All pilots approaching from the west and south are strongly encouraged to "Squawk and talk" with Providence Approach to obtain advisories and to assist with separation.


KUUU - Newport. Amenities - Newport Grand is no more

Graeme S 4 months ago 0

Please Delete


Kneeboard format for T31 STILL doesn't fit on the printed page

Carl S 7 months ago updated by Eric.Rush (Project Lead) 7 months ago 2


The formatting issue with the T31 Kneeboard Format has been resolved. Thank you for calling this to our attention.