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air museums

normanmartens 2 months ago 0

I'm interested in a database of air museums.  I'd like to plan trips to them but I have no idea where they are.


After hours

Raymond P 2 months ago 0

I’m not sure how difficult it would be, but could the directory FBO information include whether there is after hours access to the FBO or restrooms? Especially in the summer when daytime flying goes on well after most smaller airport FBOs close, it would be nice to know.


UBS Updates

jared 3 months ago 0

There are several inaccuracies on the UBS listing. I cannot find a way to suggest updates without being a member. Any ideas?


how do i make changes to my fbo/airport listing?

Paul S 3 months ago 0

I received the postcard asking me to update my listing on your directory website.  I can find the listing easy, and am able to edit the boxes, but cannot find how to make the changes permanent.  It would be great if it was more easy to update.


Incorrect/missing info for KMTP

Paul L 3 months ago 0

There are no fees listed for KMTP, but it costs $20 to land for single engine.  Also, the website listed seems non-functional.  I didn’t see any button to suggest updates, except “feedback”.  Is this how to get that data corrected?


KPAN Noise Abatement

Shawn C 3 months ago 0

KPAN on your web site list no noise abatement procedures, it currently does. "Departure noise abatement procedures in effect, turn north 30 [degrees] for 2 NM". In other observations, KPAN is know for it's pies and friendly hospitality.


please fix aopa a/s's

Robert F 3 months ago 0
Not a bug


Jeff J 4 months ago updated 4 months ago 2

Hi Folks, It looks like the fixed wing TPA at DMW is listed in AGL instead of MSL, and I'm not sure what's up with the the Turbo/Jet TPA... From their web site:

Traffic Pattern Altitude (TPA):
Fixed Wing 1600 MSL ( 811 AGL)
Multiengine 2300 MSL (1511 AGL)
Turbo /Jet 2300 MSL (1511 AGL)

Thanks for an awesome product!



I spoke to the airport manager at DMW and the traffic pattern altitudes at Carroll County Regional are correct as listed in the AOPA Airport Directory. This is also what the FAA has in their official data set (eNASR) where the information in our directory comes from. The website you may be referring to is a rouge website that is not controlled by the airport. Someone created this website a long time ago and does not maintain it so the information listed on it is not correct.. The official website for Carrol County Regional Airport is: http://carrollcountyregionalairport.com.

The official TPAs for DMW are:

Fixed Wing: 810 Ft. (AGL)

Turbo Prop & Jet: 1310 Ft. (AGL)


Thank you for calling this to our attention. The web site url has been updated.


Lawrernce, Kansas

Joseph John H 6 months ago 0