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Kneeboard format for T31 STILL doesn't fit on the printed page

Carl S 2 months ago updated by Eric.Rush (Project Lead) 2 months ago 2


The formatting issue with the T31 Kneeboard Format has been resolved. Thank you for calling this to our attention.


FBO Information for KSYM

Raymond P 2 months ago 0

Although AOPA lists the Morehead, KY airport (KSYM) as not having an FBO, Holley Aviation provides a very nice, clean, like-new FBO with 24/7 lounge, vending, restrooms, and showers. Self-serve fuel is reasonably priced and attendant is friendly and helpful.


Kneeboard format for T31 doesn't fit on the printed page

Carl S 3 months ago updated by Eric.Rush (Project Lead) 2 months ago 1

Airport camping

Richard M 4 months ago 0

Why not add availability of camping areas and facilities on the airport property


Falmouth Airpark 5B6 Falmouth MA

Carl W 4 months ago 0

94 UL Available, Call for Price

No night time transient operations

5000# max gross weight limit

No touch & go landings

No primary training


Kiwi, Wiscasset, ME

Joe S 4 months ago 0

Great place to settle in for a couple days and see the local sights and enjoy the local food. Rick will be a great help and can arrange for a rental car and tell you good eating places. Travelers Rest is nice yet inexpensive place to stay in Brunswick. Make sure to go to Sprague’s Lobster down by the bridge for best food or JR Maxwell in Bath for sit down experience. Sprague’s is sit down at pick nick tables. Wear a jacket and go there! Do the Maritime museum in Bath. Booth Bay Harbor is touristy, I suppose the wife would like it if she ever came with me.


No fuel or services at Beaver, Utah (U56)

Gordon M 4 months ago 0

Landed at Beaver, Utah for fuel on a long cross country from Durango, CO to grass valley, CA and the fuel self serve did not work. When we called the number we were told that they informed the FAA and that it has not worked for two months. I checked weather and NOTAM's prior to departure with FSS and nothing was mentioned about the lack of fuel. Also checked Foreflight and there are no NOTAM's at U56. 

There are no services at U56 as depicted on the sectional chart as a full service airport.


air museums

normanmartens 6 months ago 0

I'm interested in a database of air museums.  I'd like to plan trips to them but I have no idea where they are.


After hours

Raymond P 7 months ago 0

I’m not sure how difficult it would be, but could the directory FBO information include whether there is after hours access to the FBO or restrooms? Especially in the summer when daytime flying goes on well after most smaller airport FBOs close, it would be nice to know.