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Pattern altitude at Prairie du Chien, WI (KPDC) and Boscobel, Wi (KOVS)

Mike D 2 weeks ago 0

On the kneeboard format for KPDC, the pattern altitude is listed at 1460, while the elevation is 660, or an unusual 800 ft AGL.  On the chart supplement, no such note of an unusual pattern altitude is indicated.



https://aeronav.faa.gov/Upload_313-d/supplements/CS_EC_20200716.pdf (page 369 in the Chart Supplement, and the actual page in the digital document is 371).

I'm a student pilot and trying to reconcile these two sources.  On my home airport (Platteville, WI; KPVB) it notes that there is no indication of pattern altitude, but to assume 1000 ft AGL.  https://www.aopa.org/Kneeboard/Kneeboard/GeneratePdf?airportId=KPVB

It looks like the PDC kneeboard is just a typo, but it notes the pattern altitude whereas the PVB kneeboard does not.  

As a student pilot (or any other type) I presume the smart move with the kneeboard formats supplied by AOPA is to validate any data on them with both the Sectional Chart and the Chart Supplement?  Or is the information on the kneeboard format as verified by the Airport Manager.  And if it is that, why doesn't that info appear in either the chart supplement or on the sectional?  

As I've checked area airports, I found the kneeboard shows a traffic pattern KOVS (Boscobel Wi)  is 1502 feet, while the elevation is 673, or a rather odd 829 ft AGL) .

Thank you!

Not a bug

KFNL is a controlled airport

Joel R 3 weeks ago updated by Eric.Rush (Project Lead) 3 weeks ago 1

You have KFNL listed an non-towered, but it is in fact controlled and towered.



The datapoint regarding a control tower is official FAA data and cannot be updated by AOPA. The official FAA data shows that FNL is not a towered airport however there is a temporary tower operating which is referenced in the NOTAMs. If the FAA updates their official data, then our directory (and others) will show the tower as being present. Until the data is updated, NOTAMs should be consulted since this is the mechanism that the FAA uses to reflect mid-cycle operational changes or temporary changes to their official data.


KDEC Main Hangar Restaurant

rcmorford1 1 month ago 0

The restaurant at KDEC has been closed since 2017. Please delete from directory.


Orlando Sanford Flying Club in wrong place

Eric Bauer 1 month ago 0

Why does the Orlando Sanford Flying Club located in Florida show up in the list of flying clubs based at David Wayne Hooks airport (KDWH) in Texas?



sunita 2 months ago updated 2 months ago 1

flighr planner

Peter T 3 months ago 0

WHY is the LINK to the FLIGHT PLANNNER so obscure!!!

it takes a real effort to find the thing??


Add business

Brian A 4 months ago 0

I want to add my Charter company to the AOPA airport directory. I used to have it on there but it seems to have disappeared. Thanks! 


KCNO- Restaurants

Sean C 6 months ago 0

Please add Flo's Airport Cafe to the restaurant info for KCNO. Website = https://www.floscafes.com/  THE classic airport Cafe....


KCRG - Craig Airport in Jacksonville

Brian W 6 months ago updated 6 months ago 1

The link to the Craig airport website on your page is currently www.flyjackxex.com.  That is an error.. the website does not exist.  It should be http://www.flyjaxex.com which automatically redirects you to www.flyjacksonville.com/Home.aspx?sMP=JAXEX.