flight route altitude assigned per highest terrain feature entoute--ridiculous

David H 4 years ago updated by Eric.Rush (Project Lead) 4 years ago 1

i start in tx at 500msl, fly to aspen, co and your stupid flight planner comes up with some altitude that is required to clear the mtns, with no consideration that at least 90% of the flight would need less than 1/2 that--and winds going that way are usually far more favorable at 2500 to 6500 msl--


Currently, the flight planner does not permit individual altitude per leg. However, as noted in other topics in this forum, this is a feature that is planned for this year. Once that is in place, assigning specific altitudes per leg will be possible which will be beneficial on flights such as the one you describe above.

In order to have your vote cast correctly for this feature, you may want to search for the topic title "altitude per leg" and vote for it. The more votes individual topics receive, the higher it moves up the list which helps us prioritize our development efforts.

Thank you for your post.