I would like to export to Garmin Pilot

Bruce H 4 years ago updated by Eric.Rush (Project Lead) 4 years ago 4

I would like to be able to transfer the flight plan to my Garmin Pilot app.

My flight deck is now Garmin Pilot enabled through the Garmin Flightstream 210. I can file a plan with Garmin Pilot, then, when I correct it on my Ipad Mini, I can simply upload it to my 530W without entering it all in. It would be WONDERFUL to be able to use the AOPA planner to file from home on my PC, then upload the plan to my ipad before I head out to the airport. Your planner is so feature rich, I love it but I have to enter everything twice to take advantage of it once I get to the airport...


Is this completed for all users? I saw the update/announcement but it talked about Garmin Pilot for iOS, what about us Android users? I have not tried it because all the information I saw refers to iOS so I assumed the Android version would come later.

Garmin is working on getting the export to work for Garmin Pilot on Android. We have tested a beta version and it works on some devices but not all. We have reported our findings to Garmin and they are working on adjustments to get it working across all Android devices.

We'll be sure to send out an update once we have tested the final version.