Various recommendations

Carlo S 9 months ago 0

- If I ‘rubber-bend’ the route to a geographical point that is not an airport, a VOR or similar, I get the message “No routable waypoints exist at this location. Would you like to create a user-defined waypoint here? “. Why this cumbersome step ? If I rubber-bend the route to a point, it is BECAUSE I want that point to be a waypoint on my route.

- Please, note that adding a user-defined waypoint to the route normally causes a minor but annoying shift of heading in the NavLog.

- I recommend adding a ‘no-balloon’ option in the waypoint markings; they are normally quite annoying on the map.

- The NavLog is confusing: I strongly recommend the traditional shifted view (altitude, heading, winds, etc listed BETWEEN the waypoints they refer to).

- VERY IMPORTANT: Please, consider integrating the flight plan with an AOPA app that provides GPS tracking. Right now I’m forced to transfer the AOPA flight plan to iFlightPlanner, whose app offers it. I don’t think I need emphasize how USEFUL GPS Tracking is during a flight.

Thanks for your attention