Show TFRs that are or could be active close to your planned flight route.

Robert M 1 year ago 0

I don't know if this is a bug, or an idea for a feature that should be added to the flight planner.

I was planning a flight today (09/07/2019) from KBTL to KONZ and on SkyVector it showed the TFR at Ann Arbor for the football game and the time it was active, but it never showed up on AOPA's Flight Planner.  This really caught me off guard as I usually only use AOPA's Flight Planner and as a result could very well have missed the TFR that was extremely close to my route.  I feel that it would be prudent to show any and all TRF's along or close to someones planned route and that this feature should be active in the planner.