Comparing AOPA weather for KPNE TAFs to Garmin Pilot I noted that for the same time period the forecasts are different. Why? Why is it so difficult to get TAFs for Destination airport?

Mark W 1 year ago 0

At first it was difficult to get a TAF for KPNE, as the site only showed nearby - one Station. I then went to Airports, and looked up PHL, as I would expect that to have a current TAF, and again only one nearby was shown, nothing for PHL. I then went to the flight planner, and got a TAF for PNE when using it as a destination, but the TAF disagreed with Garmin Pilot when I checked it. I then called flight service, and they gave me the current TAF, which agreed with the Garmin information. Probable cause -  AOPA site was not updating their TAF information in a timely fashion, and information displayed was over 4 hours old, despite new TAFs being issued over 5 minutes before. (@ 2:00 PM EDT) and multiple page refreshes.  My suggestion - update TAFs when issued, and way more frequently then 4 hour plus windows. (Specials can be issued & missed using your tools - unsafe!)