Zoom resets with Distance Rings in Fuel Mode

Martin K 1 year ago 0

- Distance Ring Tool in Fuel mode

- Trying to zoom

- Zoom initially works, but immediately jumps back to "full scale view", i.e. show the entire circle. 

I LOVE the range circle function!! I use the circle tool to find airports at max safe distance. As such, it would be great if I could zoom to, say, the perimeter of the green circle, and pan the chart to follow that range perimeter and see the airports on or close to that perimeter.  ( I can't believe I'm the only one using it this way. ;-)  )  But the view always jumps back to full circle view, making it difficult to locate airports.   Note:  I can duplicate this behavior most of the time, sometimes, pan and zoom works as expected. (I noticed that the Fuel rings are shaded, the other ones are not.)

BTW, I do not have that issue in DISTANCE or TIME mode. There I can zoom and pan, without the issue described above.


MAC OS Mojave 10.14.3

Safari 12.0.3