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descent point

Rodger O 2 years ago updated by Eric.Rush (Project Lead) 2 years ago 4

I like the new Flight Planner.  

Optimizing the flight plan for terrain is tricky.

How can I change the descent point on my route to clear terrain?  

Thank you.

Rodger Orman


The descent point is based on your aircraft's descent rate.

Just edit the descent rate for your aircraft.

Thank.  On a flight from KCPU to KMEV  I choose an altitude of 9500 and profile view  (P) view has me flying thru terrain on the descent.  Not a good plan.  I tried changing my airplane's descent rate without success.

That's strange, as it works for me.   It always recomputes after you hit save when you've changed something. 

Give it a ridiculous descent rate and see what happens

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For your example route noted above, the terrain that is near the arrival airport is well above 9,500'. So increasing the descent rate for the aircraft profile won't make a difference in this scenario since 9,500' is already below the terrain height.