Flight Planner VFR map needs more detail so way points can be found.

Nick H 2 years ago updated by Philip G 2 years ago 1

I am using the flight planner for a VFR plan, it is very difficult to find landmark details in the VFR MAP supllied in the flight planner tool. There is even less information than in a normal chart.  My solution is to have Google Maps with Satelite view open in another window and use that to assist in landmark identification.  I also of course have VFRMAP open as well so that I have a standard chart view.   I flip back and forth between the maps and thereby work out my landmarks.

Rather than the page flipping method I now use it would be very great if the map in flight planner allowed for a direct overlay of the google maps and VFR charts to insure that the overlay is accurate.

Thank You


As a student pilot, I have pretty much the same problem, here in San Diego and with military, class B air space in very close proximity, it would be nice to have a better chart and not having to bounce from goggle map,