Rotorcraft not listed in aircraft types

Christopher T 2 years ago updated by Eric.Rush (Project Lead) 2 years ago 1

I noticed another thread started 2 years ago about the lack of Rotorcraft in the aircraft type listing when creating an aircraft, and as of yet there still has been no action taken to remedy this issue. As it stands now, I cannot file a flight plan through AOPA Flight Planner because my helicopter will not have the correct aircraft type listed...so basically the Flight Planner function is useless to anyone operating a helicopter who wants to plan/weather brief/file a flight plan through this website.


The aircraft type field is only internal to the AOPA Flight Planner. It does not get sent to ATC when filing a flight plan. Only the aircraft ICAO code is sent. Other helicopter pilots configure a "from scratch" aircraft profile and just select "piston" or "Turbine" for the aircraft type. This will still allow briefings and filing flight plans when configured this way.

We have not been able to add a specific type of "rotorcraft" since the Jeppesen flight planning engine does not have rotorcraft models for determining fuel usage and other requirements. It is something we have requested that they add in a future update. So helicopter pilots should verify fuel usage using other methods since the model does not technically support some of the uniqueness of helicopters.