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Cross-country Checkpoints

Solomon J 4 years ago updated by Anthony F 3 years ago 3

I wish there was a natural way to add checkpoints to routes for cross-country planning. I want to make some notes at each of the checkpoints without altering the route and have the details appear when I print the route.

It would be great also if the user created checkpoints could be turned off or on individually. I want to create often used checkpoints but I can't find a way to unclutter the screen of checkpoints that are not relevant to a particular flight. Right now I use color coding for different common routes so all I would have to do is enable the right color pins for any regular flight.

Under review

Good idea.... we'll look into this.

Ideally, I would like the following tools for flight planning when I want to use pilotage to cross-check my other navigation techniques:

1. You really should have the sectional charts built into the flight planner; they are the best source of information for determining landmarks that can be used as checkpoints. I also prefer the way the sectional presents obstacle information.

2. I often use checkpoints that are adjacent to the flight path, not directly on it. A flight planner that allows pilots to identify landmarks as checkpoints is ideal. Something akin to the gas prices feature where the most likely checkpoints are identified along the corridor of the flight path would be excellent. Even better, if the corridor width could be adjusted based on what would be visible (e.g., a 5 mile wide corridor for sections of the flight path with 5 miles of visibility, and no corridor where the flight plan would presumably be VFR on top based on weather).

3. Checkpoints wouldn't alter the flight path, instead, they would be entered as intermediate locations between waypoints. The checkpoint would be like a waypoint on the nav log, but without a change in direction. They would be entered on the nav log in between waypoints with distances calculated based on when the plane is abeam the checkpoint (i.e., a perpendicular line from the flight path to the checkpoint would determine the point on the flight path when the pilot should reach the checkpoint). The pilot should be able to name them like they can name user defined waypoints now.

4. Checkpoints would be flight plan specific, and the nav log would list the checkpoints just like waypoints.

5. It would be nice if a pilot could manually amend the flight plan by inserting checkpoints.

Thanks for your consideration!