NOTAMS not up to date at KHUT

Rodney L 3 years ago 0

I recently made a trip through Kansas and needed to stop for refueling.  KHUT was my best route and notams didn't show any issues.  I use ForeFlight on a tablet as a backup in the air and after packing it up and going through the NOTAMS there I noted 4 of 6 runways closed.  I went back to your flightplanner and still no notations of closing in your NOTAM's.  Winds were howling, 38 knots, and KHUT would not have been an option because of the cross winds.  I fortunately saw this on ForeFlight and switched my destination to KSLN.  I'm not sure where you are getting your NOTAM's from but the is a very significant problem.  I did not check for notams at other airports and instead have relied on ForeFlight.