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RNAV Tango Routes

Harvey G 4 years ago updated by Eric.Rush (Project Lead) 4 years ago 4

Hi, am wondering about RNAV Tango routes and the AOPA flight planner (although the same issue applies to DUATS and ForeFlight). Question is this: If I create a new flight plan from A to B and select the via airways option, the flight planner will find me the best route using Victor airways. However, it does not take advantage of Tango routes. Yes, Tangos are in the database and can be used, but why aren't they available for autorouting? BTW, the new AOPA flight planner is much improved, thanks for the great work.

Try autorouting from Indianapolis (KIND) to Peterborough, Ont, Canada (CYPQ).

VHP V285 HIC V215 GLR V233 PLN V193 SSM V316 YYB V37 BRETN?

The current version of the flight planner will not auto-route using Tango routes since this is dependent on aircraft capability. The system would need to be modified to evaluate RNAV (/G) equipment in order to be able to utilize a tango route in the auto-routing. At this point, the flight planner does not have this capability but we are checking to see if this is something we can provide in a future release.