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Car and Restaurant Filter

Jayson B 3 years ago updated by David V 2 years ago 2

When using the airports/fuel along route filter tool and want to look for a car or restaurant at my stop, it appears that the filter must find all items at each airport in order to return a result. It would be nice if they'd report OR results for restaurant and cars rather than AND results. Example, I'd be willing to walk a mile to get lunch, but wouldn't complain if the restaurant was on the field. As it is now, when I select on field and nearby, it only returns airports that have both a nearby restaurant AND one on the field - it has to have both rather than one or another. Likewise with cars, I may be willing to rent one, but I wouldn't turn down a courtesy car. Right now I have to click the boxes on and off looking to see what changes, but i think the vast majority of users would prefer to have those fields OR'd rather than AND'd.

I was about to report this myself. Clearly an airport with a restaurant "on field" also has one "nearby". The and/or logic for filters is effectively broken -- this should be treated as a bug.