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The R equipment code requires a PBN/ remark but the website won't take the PBN/A1B2C2D2L1S1O2S2 note

Kenneth E 4 years ago updated by Eric.Rush (Project Lead) 3 years ago 3


Existing Capability


We tested recreating your PBN remark as you have it above and the flight planner accepted it, and, the flight plan was filed with no issues.

If you are manually trying to type this in as a remark, that might be the reason.

Please try using the Remark entry tool and select each of the PBN options. That will build the code for you. That is the method we used and it was accepted.

To use the built-in code tool, create a new ICAO flight plan, scroll to the Remarks section and click on Advanced.

Click the Add Remark button and select PBN from the drop down list.

Use the options drop down list to choose all the PBN codes that apply then select Save.

Give this a try and let me know if it works ok. We'll see if we can have the flight planner accept a manually entered code in the future. It does this now on the ICAO equipment screens so should not be too big of an effort.


Is there a way to save our PBN string in the aircraft profile?  I haven't seen where I can do that and have to remember what it is every time I want to file a flight plan.

Currently, we do not have the ability to store the PBN code at the aircraft profile level. We can look at this and see if this is something we can add to the profile.