Flight Planning by Roads

Roger P 4 years ago 0

Be nice to have the ability to flight plan along major highways or freeways for us small single piston engine planes. Have something similar to "Weather Along Route" that shows a distance from a major road with a slider from 0 to 100 miles. You decide based on your altitude and glide distance, set that distance in the slider and show a color area around major roads that are within distance. If there are no major roads in your flight path or set glide distance, you would have the ability to easily see this and adjust flight plan so there are. It's always nice to know you have a road nearby when an airport isn't, in the event of an engine failure. It would be nice to see more road details and include at least highways, so far I only see freeways on the map. Better and more road detail would be good for us VFR Pilots!