Existing Capability

Use on smart phone; ICAO format flight planning and aircraft profiles

Allen B 4 years ago updated by Eric.Rush (Project Lead) 4 years ago 1

Would be nice if this worked on a smart phone. Unusable on iPhone 6. ICAO flight plan addition needed. Insufficient to record equipment- must also qualify type of R navigation on line 18 of ICAO form. This should be entered in aircraft profile and is currently the not available. Also ICAO flight plan form and option must be added

Existing Capability

ICAO flight plan filing is supported in both the AOPA Flight Planner and the AOPA GO Mobile app for iOS and Android devices.Both allow ICAO equipment codes and all ICAO fields to be filled in and filed per ICAO requirements. Since GO is a mobile app, this will be better on devices that the online flight planner which is designed for desktop and laptop computers.