Integration with iFly GPS for Android

Anonymous 4 years ago updated by Eric.Rush (Project Lead) 4 years ago 2

I see that the AOPA flight planner is integrated with ForeFlight, WingX and FlyQ EFB. Can we get a similar integration with iFly GPS for Android? They also have an iPad version.

On iPad, and via wifi to dedicated iFly GPS units, Or at least , if not integration, provide export to GPX or KLM. Lots of us flying with iFly GPS

The Flight Planner can currently export a GPX file. Save your route, click on the Route menu item, click on Send to and then select Export (GPX). See screenshot below.

As far as a direct integration with iFly GPS, we have contacted them several times so they should be aware that the capability of integration with our flight planner exists. We suggest that users of iFly GPS contact the manufacture directly and also ask for this capability. Sometimes hearing from their customers can help move things along. We (AOPA) are willing to work with any EFB product that wants to integrate with us.