As of now, the AOPA Flight Planner only supports US airports/seaplane bases and any Canadian airports/seaplane bases that are in the FAA database. We have looked at adding Canadian support but since the Canadian aviation data is privatized, there is significant cost for us to obtain the data. We are hopeful that we may be able to add this data at some point in the future but we can't provide a time frame.

The Icon A5 is the main reason I'm returning to flying after a 10 year hiatus beginning on the day I earned my Private. Naturally, now that I've got my LSA ASES endorsement, I want to plan flights to permissible lakes. The AOPA Flight Planner doesn't appear to accommodate an unnamed destination (i.e. a lake with no seaplane base). Since this is the majority of the flying I'll be doing, it's pretty disappointing that I can't use your flight planner. Please consider allowing pilots to visually select destinations rather than requiring an airport code in the first steps of flight planning.

The AOPA Flight Planner can plan a flight to any location, not just named waypoints. To do this, create a user-defined waypoint anywhere on the chart that you want to go to. You can then use this waypoint as an intermediate waypoint or, a departure/destination.

To create user-defined waypoints:

1) Right click on the desired spot on the chart

2) Select "Create user waypoint here"

3) Provide a descriptive name for the user waypoint

4) Click Save

Example route creation:

1) Use the "Idents" box in the left-side route window

2) Type in name of departure point (Example: KSGJ)

3) Type the name you gave to the user waypoint (put a space between waypoints in the idents box)

4) Hit "Enter" key

(A search box may be displayed if waypoint name matches more than one entry. Select appropriate waypoint if search box is displayed.)

This will create a route to your new user waypoint.

I have included a short video that demonstrates the above steps. You can view it here: