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Robert S 4 years ago updated by Scott H 1 year ago 4

Foreflight has a fantastic feature allowing you to see the STARs into your destination and then select the transition and approach you expect, adding all that to the flight plan and NavLog.

Sure hope you'll pay them the ultimate compliment of imitating them :)

Under review

While this could be possible, I am wondering a little that this is a better feature for the EFB apps rather than a pre-flight planning application like the AOPA Flight Planner. Just thinking back to my days flying in the corporate world and that we didn't really know fur sure what runway was going to be in use by the time we were arriving. So having a feature like this in the flight planner may have limited use but I am always willing to learn something so welcome feedback on how this would be used in a flight planner prior to being in the cockpit. Do you know, with a high degree of certainty, what runway/STAR at your destination that you will be using before you depart?

Hi Eric,

Good point, but I'll press my case a little further.

Wind direction is easy to forecast several days in advance, both through government weather resources and sites like Wunderground and Weather.com. So we all have a pretty good idea what the likely runway will be.

A few months ago I was planning a trip to Cincinatti or Mansfield Ohio and realized that the most likely (given the winds and therefore runway) STAR would probably cause me to file for a slightly different routing than if I was going direct. Looking at the STAR allowed me to check for terrain, TFRs, etc.

If you fly into some of the Northeast of NYC airports (e.g. HPN, DXR) on a bad weather day you're pretty well guaranteed to get the Nobbi5 arrival. First time that happened to me I was on my way to a fix much further south and if had known then what i know now I'd have filed for a more Northerly route ending in the starting fix for Nobbi.

So I agree there is no need to make this a top priority, but a nice to have for sure. It won't often have a major impact on time and fuel consumption calculations but every little bit of accuracy helps, right? :)


Thank you for this write up. Your explanation makes total sense and we'll take a look at providing some capability like this down the road. There are some other features that we have on our list that might tie into this one so we'll revisit as we get closer to that effort.

Thanks again.... it really helps when we get real-world experiences to help drive functionality!

Flying in some parts of the country the STAR maybe helpful, but I would like to see SID's.  When planning you must fil-in all the individual waypoints for flight planning purposes and then when filing delete them and type in the actual SID name.  You can file with all the waypoints but to me it can be confusing when picking up your clearence.  It appears that if you put all the SID waypoints in your AOPA flight plan and then transfer to Garmin (and maybe other providers) their program recognizes the individual waypoints as the SID and changes your route using the SID's name.  I am fairly new using the AOPA/Garmin programs, and it is more than possible I do not fully understant thier operations.