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printing route segments

C C 4 years ago updated by Reg W 3 years ago 2

I could be missing something but it seems that the ability to print route segments is gone. Why, that was a great feature.

Under review


This was a feature of the old flight planner but it was a hit or miss type feature that only worked if you had multiple segments that were not very far apart. While the latest version of the flight planner does not support this from an automatic standpoint, you can manually create printable route segments at your preferred zoom and detail level. Set your desired zoom level then position the screen to cover the first portion of your route. Use the "Print Chart" button to print that segment. Then manually drag the chart to the next segment you want to print and repeat the process.

This is something we have on our development list though and hope to be able to provide this capability in a future version.

Eric's reply is a work around yes, but not customer friendly at all.    Sending "strip maps" to a .pdf is much friendlier.